3  1/2  minutes of the 20 minutes of family films


While growing up in Etobicoke/Toronto in the 1950s-60s, our next door neighbour, Joyce Medforth, just happened to have an 8mm movie camera. That's me on the little orange tractor age 4 in 1954

In 1992 I began a 16 year search for Joyce's old home movies of my family.

When DVD technology appeared in Canada in 2002 I got hold of another relative's old films, transferred them to DVD, everybody laughed and cried, a radio interview brought in calls from 40 customers just the 1st day, and the many to follow since then is HomeMovies.Ca happy history.

In 2008 I finally found 20 minutes of Joyce's old films of my family just in time for Christmas that year to laugh and cry sharing those memories.

That's why I do what I do for others too.