Since 2002 HomeMovies.Ca has digitized old films, video tapes, audio, photos, slides, and more for 1,000s of happy people. Many sent in letters of thanks. Below is a 2018 typical letter, from Vickie Witherspoon (Haun), her dad's old Niagara films are on our youtube channel where you can watch it and many  more of the historically notable home movies and professional films digitized over the years and for whom 

"Dear Steve, I cannot thank you enough for helping me save to digital my and my family's memories - Sincerely, Vickie"

Since moving from Scarborough, Toronto to St Catharines in late 2015 I've digitized films and audio tapes for Brock University Archives and for the Welland Museum, both of whom endorse my services. 

David Sharron, Head of Brock University Special Collections and Archives

Penny Morningstar, Curator of Welland Museum

Kathleen Powell, Curator of St Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre